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  1. A leading supplier of industrial measurement and automation equipment. They have production facilities all over world. The offer complete process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature and digital communications. Endress+Hauser - Industrial Instruments and Automation Field Xpert is a compact, flexible, ergonomic and robust industrial PDA adapted to your needs for high
  2. Tektronix electronic test, measurement and monitoring equipment. Tektronix, Inc. is a United States corporation best known for its test and measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and video and mobile test protocol equipment. Tektronix Test and Measurement Equipment Tek is the nickname by which Tektronix is known to its employees, customers, and neighbors. Tektronix:
  3. BitScopes are USB or Ethernet connected PC Based Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes. This means they capture and display one, two or four analog signals and eight logic or timing signals, simultaneously. Any BitScope can be used as a Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Logic State Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer or Data Recorder. Open Hardware Design - BitScope This is a Open Schematics Design of the
  4. Electrical Control Panel Parts like - terminal blocks, circuit breakers, enclosures, switches, solid state relays, wiring duct, power distribution blocks. mercury relays and fuseblocks. Sensors and encoders like infrared sensors, photoelectric sensors, Thermocouples, Tacho Generators, Proximity Switches, RTD.etc. Wolf Automation - Industrial Automation Distributor History - 1984: Hans Wolf
  5. They develop and manufacture soft magnetic components and materials. These are used in the Products in Power Electronics and RF Communications. A leading world supplier of precision, high permeability magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry. MAGNETICS - Ferrite and Powder Cores Product line include powder cores, ferrite cores, and strip wound cores for applications such as
  6. Manufactures automation and control products related to Electrical Power Systems. They include metering devices, protective relays, communications hardware and software. Standard products like circuit breakers and power panels too. Eaton - Energy and Power Management Electrical solutions and engineering services for distribution, generation, and quality control of Electrical systems. Surge
  7. French group in Europe in the marketing of professional electrical measurement instrumentation. Areas - Test & Measurement, Power Measurement, Temperature Measurement & Control, and related Services. Chauvin Arnoux - Instruments Marketing SCOPE IN@BOX virtual digital oscilloscopes Communication with a 10 Mb Ethernet interface and is WiFi compatible. Virtual Oscilloscope, 2x150 MHz, SPO.