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Process Control Instruments. Test and Measurement Equipment. Electronic Manufacturing Tools and Machines. Component and Instrument Sourcing. Products and solutions i found interesting based on my experience in Instrumentation and Automation.

Process Control Instruments. Test and Measurement Equipment. Electronic Manufacturing Tools and Machines.
  1. Portable calibrator/thermometer with a 4-digit LCD. It is designed to use external  thermocouples as temperature sensors. The thermometer features a dual thermocouple input and an adjustable thermocouple offset. CL3515R - Calibrator Thermometer Omega Features Include USB and RS232 Interface with Windows Software Display: 4-digit LCD with max reading of 19999 Input Connector: Miniature
  2. The LIQUI-FLOW series L10I/L20I digital Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers for low flow ranges are equipped with a rugged 'industrial style' (IP65) pc-board housing for use in industrial environments. The instruments operate on a thermal, thru-flow measuring principle. Liquid dosage with Flow meter - Bronkhorst The digital LIQUI-FLOWTM Mass Flow Meter was designed to cover the range between 5 and
  3. MZS is an EMI RFI Filter for equipment designed to conform EMI regulations such as VCCI, CISPR, FCC, EN, etc. These are mounted within Control Panels or Cabinets. Metal Enclosures that are grounded are Ideal for use along with this filter. MZS Single Phase Noise Filter - TDK Lambda Swicth Boards and Meter Boxes also can use this for lines going to Sensitive Equipment. These along with MCB and
  4. LUXEON Rebel LEDs are designed for a wide range of lighting applications and available in specifi Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI) combinations, flux and CCT combinations and even specified efficacy. LUXEON Rebel White - Philips Lumileds Electrical Characteristics at 350 mA for LUXEON Rebel - Thermal Pad Temperature = 25ºC Part No - LXM3-PW71 Nominal CCT -
  5. 1-stage preset counter, 1-stage preset counter with total counter (selectable). Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated inside the Counter/ Tachometer. Previous non-isolated counters had wiring restrictions and could be damaged if wired incorrectly. The H7CX removes these worries. Multifunction Preset Counter - H7CX-A - Omron Twin Counter Mode (One Unit, Two Counters) - A Twin
  6. The CA71 Handy Calibrator is a small, lightweight, multifunction calibrator that can simultaneously source and measure voltage, current, resistance, TC, RTD, frequency, and pulse signals. Handy Calibrator Model CA51 - Yokogawa Simultaneous signal generation and measurement capability: The CA71 lets you handle regular tests on TCs, RTDs and various other types of sensors and instruments, as
  7. Multifunction calibrator, MC4 is suitable for calibrating various process parameters, such as pressure, temperature and electrical signals. Calibration results are automatically stored in the MC4's memory. Data upload to PC using Beamex CMX Calibration Software is possible. MC4 Documenting Process Calibrator - Beamex High accuracy is one of the important features of the MC4. A standard