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How ESD Creates an Anti-Static Environment

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The abbreviation ESD stands for two things. The first one is an electrostatic-sensitive device, which marks any electrical component that static charge can damage. Semiconductors and non-conductors, such as tools and people, transfer this charge. You may also encounter that ESD describes electrostatic discharge. It is unexpected electricity surged that occurs when two objects with electrical charge get in touch, or an electrical short happens.

on: 11/20/2019


Bipolar Transistors

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A transistor is made by joining one Positive Typed semiconductor in between two Negative Typed semiconductors, or one Negative Typed semiconductor in between two Positive Typed semiconductors. The first is called an NPN Transistor . The second is called a PNP Transistor . All transistors have three terminals, called (B)ase , (E)mitter, and (C)ollector . Therefore a transistor can be connected as a two port network.

on: 9/19/2019