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EE Community Guidelines

2 months 2 weeks ago - 2 months 10 hours ago #4 by delabs
This is the Only area of EE Forum where you can discuss community related topics, general topics. Topics that have no boards. You can tell members about your websites or Social Profiles here. Note that anything posted here is in Public View. Keep it clean and decent.

EE Community and EE Forum of delabs at delabs.org has NO PRIVACY POLICY. This Software is under test and data and media posted here is not protected from the public.

Please post only things that can be in public view and technology and business related. This is not a private, fun or family community. This place is for sharing Technology, Electronics, Engineering, Hobby, Do-It-Yourself and STEM topics.

In the Profile the Additional Info Tab is hidden to the public. Add your address or phone numbers at your own risk. Contact details and location may help a business or engineer promote their professional activity. It could also be misused by some members or uninvited data collectors. So put only that information online that can help you; but not cause trouble to anybody. You are encouraged to use imaginary names and fictitious locations. This will help you focus on the real work.

This website is served over SSL https:// so data that is transmitted is secure. Use Two Step Sign In for Additional Login Security.

Simple Rule - Companies and Professionals or even Job Seekers can put contact details to get what they want. Individuals who do not wish to be disturbed or Skilled workers who want to protect their identity can Morph an Online Personality to interact with others out here.
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