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Posted: 26 August 2019 05:05 AM
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After a user Registers at these Forums. He is in a Public Group called "People"
The Users of these sites without Registration are in a State called "Guests"

Newly Registered Users who are in "People" Group can Start a Discussion Only Here. They can also Reply to any Posts by "Members".
Start a Discussion Here at "Public Book" or Reply to this Post by Telling About Yourself or your Work or Activities.
delabs will promote you to "Member" from "People" if you are found to be suitable for this forum and other delabs sites.

"Members" can Start Posts, Send Messages to other Members and also Search faster in delabs websites when Logged in.
"People" can only Reply to posts for now. They can Search every 60 Seconds unlike Guests whose limit is 120 Secs.

Please Note these Forums are for EE Firms, Electronic Enthusiasts, Ham Radio, STEM Students and Hobby DIY Craft People.

The Design Board is here -

The Discuss Board is here -

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