Watlow Industrial Products

Watlow is the leader in engineering and manufacturing custom commercial electric heaters. They offer electric heating elements, industrial heaters and Control Systems. They also design and manufacture sensors and controllers and other components of a thermal system. The latest product is the F4T integrated process controller, it has the flexibility of a modular I/O with a sleek Touchscreen Interface.

Louis Desloge Sr. founds Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, to manufacture electric heating elements for the shoe industry in 1922.

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co
12001 Lackland Rd., St. Louis, MO USA 63146

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Omega Engineering

Source for process measurement and control. Everything from thermocouples to chart recorders. Temperature, flow and level, data acquisition. Established in 1962, Omega started as a manufacturer of thermocouples. Now it is a Technical Supported Marketplace for Industrial and Engineering; components and equipment. It is also a Engineering Service with custom product and system solutions for your Automation or Laboratory needs.

The company was founded in 1962 by Betty Hollander. OMEGA began as a thermocouple manufacturer but slowly transitioned to other types of instrumentation. Today, OMEGA manufactures and sells devices related to Process Control and Industrial Automation.

OMEGA Engineering, Inc.
800 Connecticut Ave.  Suite 5N01  Norwalk, CT 06854 USA

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